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Product Name Quantity Quantity Unit Price USD (Excluding Shipping) Price USD
Name Cards for RAROME Tower USD 1.00 x 1 USD 1.00
Name Cards for RAROME Wall.e USD 0.50 x 1 USD 0.50
RAROME Bus Wall.e (Locus) USD 369.00 x 1 USD 369.00
RAROME High Range Wall.e (Atom) USD 329.00 x 1 USD 329.00
RAROME Low Range Wall.e (Proton) USD 299.00 x 1 USD 299.00
RAROME Mobile STYX USD 50.00 x 1 USD 50.00
RAROME Tower - Duo (in RAROME branding) USD 1,299.00 x 1 USD 1,299.00
RAROME Tower -Duo (in School branding) USD 1,499.00 x 1 USD 1,499.00
RAROME Tower- Trio (in RAROME branding) USD 2,099.00 x 1 USD 2,099.00
RAROME Tower- Trio (in School branding) USD 2,399.00 x 1 USD 2,399.00
RAROME USB STYX USD 40.00 x 1 USD 40.00
Please verify the Shipping charges from 18003131461 for India Orders and from for Out of India orders

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