12 Dec 2017

Pupils Discipline in The School ERP is What the Schools Want

Maintaining order and discipline is crucial to the growth and survival of any sector, especially in the educational sector. In fact, it is the key to maintaining a standardized structure within the school system. It should be known that the concept of discipline is not limited to the students or the staff alone, but also applies to the school management as a whole.


To better curb and monitor indiscipline, it is imperative for schools to use Rarome ERP software with discipline modules. This module helps to monitor or track students and teacher’s behavior and discipline. The discipline module serves to manage and control the actions, habits of students and staffs in class and school.


Discipline modules in Rarome school management system record incidents like bullying, behavior, dress code and much more. Parents are able to receive reports and updates in emails or SMS, about the behavior of their wards.


This discipline module has a user interface that allows easy submission of complaints. Once the user of this software uploads the complaints - all the concerned parties are notified of the complaint. Discipline modules or software contains features like; tracking of punishment, maintaining of documents, reports generation and notification to parents.


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