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Schools want ERP Solutions. Here’s your chance to help them use the best in the market.

Do not overlook the profits in the education sector. Capture a world of new income streams! With RAROME, your initial investment gives you the software solutions that every school wants, the personal connections to make the sales and the support of the most innovative and respected team of its kind.

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If you listen to teachers (we’ve been doing for the last 2 years), EVERY student is important. Well, guess what? … It’s true! Principals are desperate to find the tools that students need to excel. But there is one catch.

Most principals don’t know where to look for the solution. And if they choose the wrong tools or the same old outdated answers, the School suffers and ultimately, students underperform. They need proven solutions to help their students achieve their goals. And that’s where you come in.

For many accomplished schools, our channel partners have provided premium School Management Solution which includes

  • • School Management System(or; School ERP)
  • • Student Information System
  • • Smart Accounting System
  • • Full blown HR module with Payslip
  • • And, Mobile apps for School Principal, Parents, Teachers, students, Admin and even bus drivers

As a channel Partner of RAROME, your initial investment will pave the way for a wealth of eager prospects and the potential for countless new income streams.

As a member or our team you’ll get …

  • • The personal connections to make the sales
  • • White-label products ready for your company branding
  • • The software solutions that every school wants
  • • AND, the support of the most innovative & respected teamof its kind

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