RAROME RFID Smart Attendance is the Solution!

Heard of RFID Attendance making life simpler for Schools, Yes its true, we help save Teachers time and notify Parents about arrival and departure of their wards at Schools, and keep attendance data of upto 10 years in the School server! Leave I.T. to us.

Whatever School attendance problem you might want to solve, there’s a decent chance we’ve already tackled it in the past. We’re no rookies. We love facing challenges and are sure about the ultimate success. Solving great number of attendance cases requires a dependable product. A simple and yet innovative feature which can save as much as 10-30 minutes of a teacher’s precious time daily which can be reserved for grooming the Stars of Future. All the products manufactured at RAROME comes with a one year piece of mind warranty. But rest assured, you won’t need it! Click below to find out our most innovative RF Attendance solution for School of any size. All the products take 1-4 weeks of delivery time based on region you are ordering from.

Explore how RAROME RFID Hardware works

  • Introduction
  • RAROME Wall.E
  • RAROME Tower
  • Bus Stix Home to School
  • Bus Stix School to Home

Last year, our Radio Frequency Attendance Machines sent over 1 Million hits on our Servers. Yes, 1 Million hits!

Need more reasons to install RAROME in your institute?

Mail us today at sales@rarome.com and we’ll surprise you!

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