The RAROME Tower is an RFID attendance tower that helps the education institute capture attendance automatically with a built-in Computer System. It saves Teacher’s precious time in recording and saving the pupil’s attendance for the day in the School-specific system. The data is then provided to the parents in real time to let them know about their ward’s whereabouts. 

When the pupil walks through the RAROME Tower, the name card of the pupil is automatically read, attendance is marked on the school’s application and an auto-generated message (or Push Notification) is sent to the Parent.
The Twin Tower has been tested in extreme heat and severe environment for its reliability.

RAROME Tower device fits right in any School Premise and comes with:
* Plug and Play facility
* No ugly network wires
* Contactless RFID Smart attendance. Students of any age group have to simply walk-in through the School gate
* Historical Student and Teachers Attendance data made available 
* Preloaded with data packs for hassle-free operations at Schools premise
* Convenient for Schools, Colleges, Nurseries, Coaching centers and anywhere where the attendance logs have to be captured
* Report dashboard-ready 
* Secure and Reliable solution in the cloud
* Can be configured on the client’s server for added layer of data security
* 24/7/365 customer support. Beat that!

The most advanced RFID solution for schools.

RFID Smart attendance systems allow you to know exactly when your child reached or left school (or any other education institute). Safety is our foremost commitment. Our expertise lies in providing schools with technological IT solutions to be reassured of your child’s whereabouts and academic performance.

The goal is to provide Smart Attendance systems that track the child's attendance using a simple smart card, that transmits an SMS to parents mobile when the child reaches and leaves the school, college or any educational institute. This is a complete automation system- proving a host of services to monitor and track the child's academic progression as well.

The motive is to establish the most reliable attendance systems which would help parents track the child’s attendance, simply using the ID cards. Each of the child’s ID cards will help deliver the message via SMS to the parents’ registered contact number. The idea behind this move is to help parents notify when the child has entered and left school or any other institute otherwise. It functions on a complete automation system; a promising variety of services, which would act as an invisible hand in helping to follow up with child’s progress level and achievements.

Our device is designed for your convenience that acts as a complete advantage to school administrations and parents. It is equipped with distinctive wire-free RFID system, facilitating built-in internet connection; in addition, followed with the most recent in Global Positioning System platforms, GPRS and Radio Frequency Identification providing speed, accuracy and a world-class experience. Our services and products are developed and manufactured in UAE and every product at our assembly line undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe to use. 


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