When Do I pay the customisation charge?
Upfront, Before we start the customisation.
What is the estimated timeline for completing the customization process?
We convey the timeline to the school before starting the work.
Can customizations be easily migrated to newer versions of the rarome?
It depends. We let the school know about this while we work on the customisation.
Are there additional fees for customized features?
If the feature developed consumes many API calls on hourly basis, we provide the estimate to school about the same.
What is the cost of customising the software?
500 Rupees + GST for India. 7 USD for all other countries.
Is the software responsive to various devices after customisation?
Customisation is done separately on backend application (which the school admins use), iOS app and Android app(which all the users use). All three different platforms need code changes and are made LIVE post school user has approved the CR(change request).
Can the school add or modify fields in forms to capture specific information?
While this is available in some of the modules, we do not offer the same in fees and report card as they are data sensitive modules.
Is there support for customized software made for the school?
Can rarome be tailored to match school’s unique processes and workflows?
Short Answer Yes. Long answer : We take pride in customising the solution for schools. For one of our schools, we’ve had 4 developers work full time for the school for over 2 years. No 2 schools are same and if you need a software as per your needs, rarome offers that.
What level of customization is possible in rarome?
We customise the solution only for schools signing up for custom software plan.
Does it work for Teachers?
Yes, in fact school’s need teacher attendance more than students attendance. Different status like Full day, Half day, late coming are available.
Can parents access attendance information instantly?
Yes, as soon as the teachers have confirmed the attendance status.
Can it handle various attendance scenarios, such as full-day, half-day, and tardiness?
How does rarome track student attendance?
Either the Teacher can mark manual entry for absent student, in which case the remaining students are auto marked present, or by using the biometric devices.
What reporting features are available?
rarome offers numerous fee reports. Some of the most commonly used by schools are fee collection report, outstanding payments, O/s Family fees.
Can invoices be customized to include detailed fee breakdowns?
Does rarome support distribution of invoices to parents?
Yes, On the parent’s email.
What payment options are provided to parents?
Parents can avail to pay online by either netbanking transfer, debit card, credit card, or at the school counter by cash or cheque. School Fee financing and auto-debit are offered to schools with fees over 4000 Rupees per month.
Is rarome flexible in accommodating different fee structures (e.g., tuition, extracurricular, transportation)?
Fees is our flagship module and we’ve made it in a way that it suits varying needs of schools. Whether it is different fee head or discount, fine, or different fee terms for each grade, the rarome application supports it. There are features like partial payment, excess fees collection, special discount policies that will make the school accountant worry free.
How do you collect feedback from users?
Users can raise a ticket in helpdesk and assign it to the “Developer Feedback”. We take users feedback Seriously, and respond to each ticket. Trivia: In some of the cases, we’ve rewarded parents for their feedback 🙂
Are there any additional licensing fees or hidden costs?
Can the app be customized to reflect our school’s branding and specific requirements?
The app can be provided in school’s branding. The charges for the same are additional. We also offer customisation for specific requirements.
How do you ensure compatibility with a variety of devices and screen sizes?
The mobile apps are native and developed in Swift (iOS) and Kotlin(Android). Native apps are more suited for School users as they offer better performance and adhere to the design guidelines and UI conventions of iOS or Android.
Is the mobile app available on both iOS and Android platforms?
Yes, school users can avail both iOS and Android App.
Can you provide references from other schools or educational institutions that have used your software?
Yes, We can arrange phone calls between the School Principals only.
What communication channels are available for support (e.g., phone, email, chat)?
We offer a helpdesk tool to our schools on which the school team need to create a ticket, which is auto assigned to a developer. There is no other mode of support, as we keep the tickets in helpdesk for school’s reference.
Is there a guaranteed response time for critical issues?
Yes, We work based on the criticality of the issues. If we don’t support our schools, we will go out of business 🙂
Is support available 24/7, or are there specific hours?
We work and provide support from 9 AM – 7 PM, Mon – Fri.
Can the website integrate with our existing school ERP?
Yes, We provide a Login link on the Website where the users can visit the school’s ERP.
Is there training provided for our staff to update the website content?
Yes. In fact we only provide the website with a blank template. All the website data is being managed by School.
What features do you recommend for a school website?
There are many but these are absolutely must for any school website: School Principal’s Message, Vision & Mission, School Calendar, Fees Structure, Event management, News section, School Facilities, Student Corner, Photo Gallery, Mobile App Download Links, Contact Us Page, Links to Social Media, etc
Can the website be customised to reflect our school’s branding?
Absolutely Yes!
How Do I Get the Website For The School?
Our team shares different templates with you and once you confirm the website design, we need around a week’s time to roll out the website. We share the application details where school team can regularly update the website data.
Do parent get notified if the child is not feeling well?
If the child is not feeling well teacher can report sick in the app with relevant descriptions and the parent will be alerted on the mobile app.
How parent will get notified of his child’s Nap status?
The teacher has the option to update nap and child’s diaper changing status with mention of time, parent will get instant notification once teacher updates.
Does the parent get notified about the child’s after-school daycare activities?
Yes, there are three options to update for child’s meal status has he eaten the full meal, half meal or hasn’t eaten anything, the parent will be notified as the teacher updates the status in the mobile app. 
Can Schools set up kids’ meal timetables in advance?
If the school offers meals in the daycare facilities, they can set the meal timetable in advance which can be weekly or monthly. This helps schools to avoid last minutes procurement and delays. Parents know the timetable and can inform the school if the child is allergic to any food.
How can schools manage daycare staff?
By assigning specific staff to daycare facilities from regular staff and marking  of a head teacher and supportive teachers for each room.
Can daycare be a part of the afterschool facility or a separate unit for school?
Daycare can be part of afterschool activities which schools offer to parents, School can allocate students to afterschool facility rooms.
Is the Online exam report system generated?
Students get a detailed online exam report once the exam gets closed in their logins. Note – Open-ended answers will be checked manually by teachers
Can teachers conduct Online Exams?
Teachers can create Online exams which can comprise of  -MCQ -Fill in the blanks -Match the statements  -and Open-ended questions.  A smart way to upload a questionnaire is to upload in bulk using excel file or add questions from pdf document.
Is it possible to show the Signature of authority on the report card?
Yes, Admin can assign multiple signatures such as class teachers and the principal. School seal is also allowed for authenticity. 
Can School administrators change the report card layout?
We welcome customisations as per school requirements, and we can change the template and layout. For example: if the school wishes booklet printing layout, our developers can help in school specific layout.
Can teachers generate preschool reports separately?
Yes, for pre-school grades teachers can generate report cards on the basis of EYFS and school policies
How do teachers convey students’ monthly assessment reports with parents?
Teachers support student continuous assessments, hence we have an academic evaluation feature where the teacher can create evaluations and upload scores for the same, Parents can get their child’s Report termwise. The Principal will be well-updated on how many assessments and evaluations are created by teachers in each grade.
Can teachers show their grade’s leaderboard details within the report card?
Parents are always curious, yes, the Student’s leaderboard is autogenerated, based on obtained scores of the student’s rank in his grade and his position in each subject will appear on the leaderboard. 
Can student attendance be a part of the report card?
Absolutely, Student’s attendance can be shown in the report card. Admin can manage whether to show attendance or not for a specific report card. We can show Student’s Present and Absent out of total school working days of a particular term.Bonus school can show extra curricular activities too in the report card
How can teachers download and print multiple report cards at once?
We love teachers, RAROME’s sole purpose is to reduce teachers and admin workload. We have provided a feature for bulk download of report cards where selected grades and section’s all student’s report cards will be downloaded as pdf in the zip folder. The second option is for bulk printing where the teacher can print all the report cards of the selected class and section on one print command.
Can school control the publish date of report cards?
Yes, Admin has the authority to Publish the report card, Parents will not be able to access the report card if it is not published. 
What is the best way for a teacher to communicate classroom activities to parents?
Parents will receive notifications regarding homework, classwork, exam schedules, and timetables on their mobile apps. Each time a teacher creates an academic activity, parents and students receive an alert and can manage their submissions.
Is it possible for teachers to share study materials with students?
Teachers can upload worksheets, YouTube tutorials, and PowerPoint presentations for reference. Students and parents can access this study material from their mobile apps.
Is it possible for the Principal to allow teachers to set their own timetables?
As a school administrator, the principal has the authority to allow teachers to set their own timetables. If the principal does not permit this, teachers will only have access to view their timetables.
Are administrators able to configure CBSE/ IGCSE/ ICSE/ IB/ O-level/ State Board Report cards?
In addition to our EYFS Setup, RAROME’s Report card configuration is compatible with Indian and International curricula.
Can teachers bulk upload the scores?
Teachers are RAROME’s Favorite. Teachers select their assigned grades and sections, once the selection is made their assigned subjects will appear and they can upload scores in one go. All uploaded scores directly appear on the report card. the teacher can edit scores before the Report card publication.