The Potential of Software in Shaping the Future of Schools

In a competitive educational landscape, it’s not just about imparting knowledge but also about managing the school in a way that attracts new admissions while retaining the trust of current stakeholders. Rarome is a comprehensive management software for educational institutes, designed to optimise revenues, academics, and resources.

Revenues, Academics & Resources Optimised with Management Software for Education Institutes. That’s rarome for schools.

The Digital Branding Powerhouse: A top-notch school-branded mobile app is the cornerstone of Rarome’s offerings. It’s not merely an app; it’s a statement that your school is cutting-edge. With features that cater to every parent’s needs, including Whatsapp communication for those less active on apps, Rarome ensures your school is always the preferred choice for prospective families.

Beyond First Impressions: An intuitive school website is your digital front door. With Rarome, this isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality, with SEO optimization and managed social handles that work tirelessly to generate more leads, drive admissions, and increase revenue.

The Joy of Easy Procurement: Imagine an online shopping experience for your school’s procurement needs. From ID cards to performance badges, Rarome turns procurement into a delightful ‘add to cart’ experience, bringing efficiency and a bit of fun to school administration.

Revolutionizing Attendance: Attendance registers are a thing of the past with Rarome’s AI-Based Multiple Face Verification for Auto Attendance. This innovative feature ensures accuracy and saves valuable teaching time, making your school synonymous with technological advancement.

Facilitating Education Financing: Understanding the financial challenges parents face, Rarome partners with multiple payment gateways and NBFCs to offer school fee financing solutions. This keeps the cash registers ringing and ensures that financial constraints never stand in the way of education.

Conclusion: Rarome is more than software; it’s a growth partner for schools. By harnessing the power of technology, Rarome helps schools not just keep up, but lead in the new age of educational excellence. Ready to see your school’s admissions soar? Rarome is the wind beneath your wings.