Good & Complete Student Information Management System Made Easy

Educational institutions usually experience difficulty in managing student data. However, with the use of Rarome School ERP student administration system, managing student data is easier and more effective. School ERP  system provides capabilities for enrolling students in courses, grading documents, transcripts, results of students and other tests.
Rarome School Management System is widely accepted and practised by many schools due to the fact that it cuts the workload by half, and greatly reduces the cost of maintaining student data. Furthermore, it maintains a centralized function for all student activities.
Rarome School ERP allows the school management and students to access data anywhere on the Internet with login usernames and passwords.
Good and complete student information management systems should have the following necessary features. Rarome School management system comprises of following features along with the additional features;

  • Ease of use; No one wants software that’s difficult to navigate. The system should be easy and simple to use, with a dashboard that provides a quick overview of tasks based on priority.
  • Good branch management; the management system must have the ability to manage multiple branches.
  • User management; the student management system should offer the user, access to counsellors, teaching staffs, branch managers and so on.