GPS Biometric RFID Based Smart Attendance System In Smart School

School management and parents now enjoy a closer relationship in student-related issues. Gone are the days when students were able to sneak away from school without any suspicion from the school management or parents. With systems like Rarome Smart School Attendance, the school is able to monitor and guarantee the safety of the students. Mind you, Rarome School ERP System increases the accountability of its employees and reduces the stress of writing on registers. Furthermore, guaranteeing the safety of students does not only reduce the worries of the management and parents but also increases the reputation of the school.

Smart attendance system exists in various forms and comes with a whole lot of benefits. Rarome Smart Attendance Management System consists of GPS tracking, Biometric, RFID, and a smart card. The school provides students with a smart card that is placed on the smart device to confirm the identity of the students. What’s more? The smart attendance system can also track and monitor the attendance and departure time of the student.

Besides tracking the arrival and departure time, it can also maintain every student’s daily, weekly and yearly attendance data. Lastly, Rarome Smart Attendance System does not require any technical knowledge, as it is extremely easy to operate.