Hassle Free Student Fee Management Software For School & Parents

Collection and management of fees is a very critical operation for most schools, and this is due to the frequent errors and inadequacies that are common in fee management. Using manual methods to coordinate and monitor the fee structure, puts a lot of stress on the clerical staffs.
Besides the huge workload for staffs, the school management also records a great amount of loss. Then comes the question: How can schools properly conduct fee management to reduce loss and inadequacies?. By using Rarome school ERP’s fee management software, schools can automatically calculate and manage term fees, fees concessions, additional fees, lunch fees, balance fees, exam fees and pending fees.
The Rarome fee management system helps to define the fee structure and dictates the type of fees to be collected for a particular course or class. In fact, the Rarome School fee management system will efficiently manage the many details of a student’s past, present, and future fees.
The parents, on the other hand, can view fee paid, fees outstanding & other financial data of the student accounts. It becomes very easy & convents for parents to even pay the fees online on the schools mobile apps.
When selecting a fee management structure, users should take note of the features, as they will determine the efficiency of your fee structure. The following features are vital in a fee management structure; User-friendly, Automatic fee processing, Scholarship management, track fees, online fee payment, auto-invoicing, alerts & reminder, and integration.