In-House Messaging Software Compatible With School Management System

Every staff needs a sense of belonging to an organization, for increased productivity, hence, the need for an in-house messaging system. This system is just as valuable as the major software used in the general operations of a school. Most importantly, it allows the school management software to send broadcast messages to a specific department in the school, or to the general body of staffs.

The Rarome in-house messaging software is compatible with most school management systems, and this is easy to implement. Furthermore, Rarome in-house messaging software offers schools the option of creating groups and sub-groups based on departments, teams, special projects, for easy communication.

Moreover, if the person you want to communicate with is not available, then you can send an Offline Message, which will be delivered once the recipient becomes available. There’s also a history list that allows you to keep track of all your past communications. It also allows the transfer of files between departments and to other sections.