School Management Software Offers Unlimited Upload Of Pictures

Memories are priceless, and they are better preserved through pictures. Pictures play a vital role in keeping our memories fresh and help in building a connection. Schools can now integrate a photo gallery into the dashboard of their system. Photo galleries serve to create awareness of the school’s activities and invoke a sense of belonging to the students.

Schools achieve this function through the help of School ERP software. The Rarome School ERP software digitizes the basic functions and main events of the school. However, the type of ERP software solutions determines the amount of space available for uploading photo galleries. Rarome school management software offers unlimited upload of pictures.

Parents and students can also benefit from the school’s photo gallery by downloading the pictures and sharing them on social media. Such actions from parents and students further increase the awareness of the school functions.

With the help of school gallery, the school management can benefit from the following areas;

  • Uploading of pictures under specific categories and titles.
  • It offers unlimited storage space through the use of different album titles.
  • Provides access to the school management, or admin to upload pictures.
  • Creates links to social media account for the easy transfer of pictures.