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Do you know that there are over a hundred school management mobile apps? How amazing is that? The educational sector has never been better with the use of mobile applications. With mobile apps, the school management is able to handle complex functions such as fees, results, notifications, and so much more.

Since the invention of the smartphone and the major Operating Systems (OS); Android and iOS, the use and production of mobile apps in the educational sector has increased tremendously. At this point, mobile apps have become an integral part of school management. Furthermore, educational apps such as this act as a means of communication between a school, its employees, students, and parents. 

Rarome School ERP Mobile apps are basically designed for either Android OS or iOS. So, parents and students have the choice of downloading a school’s app via the two main platforms. Furthermore, these Rarome school mobile apps have additional features like multi-language support, SMS integration, School bus tracking, eBooks and even a school calendar.

Sometimes these apps come in paid or free version, with the latter lacking in a number of features, including custom reports, inventory, discipline, and registration.