Best Hostel Management Software For School Management System

Student accommodations involve a lot of paperwork and registrations. Since the accommodation process starts from the admission of the student to the fee payment. Schools find it difficult to maintain and manage hostel details due to the high number of paperwork and resources. In fact, managing a hostel was a big drain on a school’s resources until the integration of hostel management software into the school system.

Hostel management system is a vital tool used in maintaining accommodations details for both hoteliers and day students. This School ERP system allows the school maintains data on one platform and eliminates the error of allocating a room twice. This School ERP management system greatly reduces the workload, paperwork, and stress involved in hostel accommodations. Furthermore, this system manages the room allocation information, student details, fee structure, mess bill, room details and staff details of the hostel.

Truly, hostel management systems are extremely valuable to the general operations of schools. Rarome hostel management software is characterized by the following features;

  • Allocation of the room: this software keeps a record in the room that has been allocated to which student and at what charge.
  • Full list of wardens: hostel management software keeps a list of wardens with their full identification details including phone numbers and emails.
  • Fee collection: this software keeps track of the cost incurred by the rooms, from repairs to canteen charges.