School Bus GPS Tracking & Transport Management System Software

School management and parents are able to track and get notifications on the transport system. Parents no longer have to worry about their wards not taking the school transport or getting to school late, as they are able to receive notifications and updates on the whereabouts of their wards.

The school transport management system software takes care of the bus, routes, and drivers with the help of school bus GPS tracking system. This is to ensure the ease of transport and to increase the safety level. With this transport module of rarome school management systems software, parents and school managements receive updates on the progress of the vehicles and the fuel maintenance charge.

Furthermore, to increase security, the school management can save the details of the driver and conductor, in order to avoid any unforeseen danger. With the right transportation management system, schools can easily maintain a database for students and staffs using the transport service. The database is vital in charging the students for transport, either one way or two way.

Additionally, users can easily upload data for the route with all the transportation details. Lastly, schools can easily define timings for particular pickup station and drop out.