Printing School Mark Sheets Making A Child’s Play

Ever wondered how a School makes a mark sheet for any Student?

It is very close to how you’d arrange the furniture in your newly moved-in home. You need to decide which furniture to be kept at which location to maximize space efficiency.

Just like your Furniture example, the School admins have a tough task in creating the template for the School and getting it approved by the exam grading authority. The admins need to arrange the subjects, provide the half year, full-year marks, add the teacher’s comment, Provide details of the School, Signature of the School coordinator, Parent signature space and much more in it so that the Parents get a detailed view of the child’s progress in a minimum number of pages.

To make things easier for the school, School Management Software provides the Schools multiple options of templates so all they have to do is to select the mark sheet template of their choice and start printing marks details of Students.

The Solution even provides the Teachers an option to save the marks of their subjects for an individual class’s students so that mark sheet data can be prepared quickly.

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