RAROME School ERP | HRMS | Payroll | RFID Attendance

The HRMS (Human Resource Management System) plays a crucial role in how Teachers apply for a job in School, how they are recruited, and work thereafter. The Schools in today’s day and age necessarily need not rely on full-blown HRMS solution but a rather a simple tool which can do what is needed in the School.

The core features of HRMS for a School should contain(at the least in our opinion):

1. Recruitment with Job application School website

2. Attendance for calculation of Payroll

3. Payroll (with Country specific Government compliances)

4. Leave management

5. Performance Appraisal

6. Teachers self-service

7. Teacher Disciplinary 

8. Mobile apps for all the above features

There are multiple School ERP which provides HRMS tools but very few tools focus on the School’s needs. Have a look at the RAROME’s very easy to use HR tool and make an informed decision.