School Employee &Amp; Staff Management System &Amp; Software

Schools have become increasingly responsible for the management of staffs and support staffs, and each with an individual employment contract. The cost of staff management can be extremely high, especially if the school employs over 200 people. Most often than not, the workload is usually too much for the personnel or staff management department.

It is, therefore, important to adopt Rarome School ERP complete staff management solution that will increase the performance and efficiency of schools via streamline processes. With the Rarome staff management system, schools are now able to create flexible and reliable reports for easy staff management and analyze the best performing staff based on past data and achievements. Truly, Rarome staff management increases employee’s satisfaction and also increases their productivity.

Furthermore, schools with Rarome staff management software are able to post job opportunities online, analyze staff performance based on accurate reports, export staff data in multiple formats, and get accurate timesheet reports.

However, for a school to enjoy all the aforementioned benefits, the Rarome school staff management software has the following features:

Payroll management: the system automatically calculates payments including salaries, pension, overtime, and other benefits.

Optimize work allocation: proper allocation of work to staffs based on job types or time schedule.

Other important features of staff management include; Leave management, Attendance management, and Event schedule.