School ERP Software Contains Applicant’s Registration Modules

Every year, most schools receive over a hundred applications. Such a high number of applicants can cause a lot of stress and expenses for schools. Furthermore, there are chances of errors, when dealing with such large number of applicant’s registration. It is, therefore, important to have a capable school management system that can handle such workload. The Rarome School ERP software contains Online Applicant’s registration Module that handles both existing and new students, and even the staffs. This module contains lots of functions that enable the school to function better.

The Rarome School management Software manages both the online admission and registration process, by storing school transfer certificates, birth certificates, photographs, family details, and previous school records. In short, this system practically covers every important detail about an applicant. Furthermore, it allows the registration of students, based on criteria and eligibility. The Rarome School ERP System provides following features in the Registration Module;

  • Upload and take pictures: Applicants can upload passport size photographs during registration.
  • Attach any type of documents: During registrations, documents like birth certificates and transcript can upload into the school system.
  • Record previous educational details: The system has the capacity to store previous educational records of the students.